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Restorative justice is a survivor-centered process that treats all people with equal humanity.  It focuses on the needs of the person who has been harmed, while offering the person who has caused harm the support necessary to be fully accountable and responsible for their actions.  It places an obligation on that person to help relieve the harm, without causing more if it.

I want to inspire people. I know that my story of harm is unique - both in the kind of harm I experienced and in how I responded to it by making the thing that almost ended me the thing I made a career out of. I also think my approach to it is unique.
Dr. Alissa R. Ackerman
Owner & Co-Founder

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Ampersands Restorative Justice focuses exclusively on restorative justice for sexual harms and address the full range of those harms.  We are uniquely capable of bringing restorative justice to scale as a means of healing from and preventing sexual harm.  

Dr. Ackerman is a professor of criminal justice and sex crimes expert. For almost 20 years she has studied every aspect of sexual abuse and the criminal justice policies used after it occurs.  She is internationally recognized for her contributions to the field and her innovative approach that has helped hundreds of people on their path toward healing. 

Current zero-sum or one-size fits all approaches do not heal or prevent sexual harm.  In contrast stands the symbol of an ampersand, representing balance and nuance and conjuring the complex dualities and contradictions that must be understood and held if we are to bring real justice and healing to those impacted by sexual harm. 

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Caring and thoughtful support for both survivors and those who have harmed from industry leaders you can trust.

That's the Ampersands difference.

Group therapy

True honesty requires courageous and difficult conversations. Empathy allows us to have those conversations with care and compassion.



Healing is the process of regaining health of mind, body, and spirit. Justice — the concern for justice, peace, and genuine respect for all people — can only occur when healing happens for all people.


Taking responsibility means owning our behavior and remaining accountable for our actions.


Harms to individual people have ripple effects into the community.

We seek to help heal individuals and the groups to which they belong.

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