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Meet The Team

Ampersands Advisory Board

With deep gratitude, we acknowledge these colleagues who have agreed to advise Ampersands Restorative Justice.


Monishia "Moe" Miller, M.S.

Criminal justice scholar and childhood adversity expert. She is that homegirl you call for a hug, a good bowl of chili, cornbread, and a diet coke.

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Danielle Arlanda Harris, PhD

Deputy Director Research, Griffith Youth Forensic Service and Senior Lecturer at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. Broadway-loving academic and advocate for social justice.


Jill S. Levenson, PhD, LCSW

Professor of Social Work. Studies the impact and effectiveness of social policies and therapeutic interventions designed to reduce sexual violence; and the prevalence and impact of adverse childhood experiences and their influence on adult health, mental health, and criminality. 


Tom Stranger

Co-author of ‘South of Forgiveness’, mental health support worker, accountability advocate, and beneficiary of an informal restorative justice process with the woman he sexually harmed. Here is a link to his Ted Talk.


Maryann Hearn

Nationally accredited mediator and accredited restorative justice conference convenor. Maryann runs a private consultancy practice, Restorative Results.

Your commitment to a world restored from sexual harm is extraordinary.

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